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Alabama: License numbers will no longer include the beginning alpha character or any leading zeros. Example: "A012345" will be "12345" or "A001234" will be "1234".

Arkansas Message for Non-Resident Surplus Lines renewals: Non-Resident Producer and Non-Resident Limited Lines Producer licenses can be renewed electronically 50 days prior to expiration date. Non-Resident Agency (Business Entity) licenses can be renewed electronically starting August 11th. Surplus Lines Producer and Surplus Lines Business Entity licenses can be renewed electronically starting November 11th.

Connecticut: If an application has already been submitted to renew a CT producer license with a paper renewal form, please DO NOT submit an electronic renewal. Duplicate renewal submissions will delay the renewal of the CT producer license.

Connecticut Residents: Your license number is 9 digits. If the license number you have is less than 9 digits please try to add 0’s to the beginning of the license number until it is 9 digits.

Delaware: Delaware renewal information may be found at:

Illinois licensees: PDB is displaying identical locations for residence, business and mailing addresses for a select number of IL producers and business entities. If you are experiencing this issue and your license is active, you may use the Address Change Request application ( to edit the addresses on PDB for no charge. If your license is inactive and you would still like to correct or edit these addresses, you must reinstate your IL license and have it show as active on PDB before using the ACR application to make these changes.

Illinois Business Entity Applicants: Your IL license number has been changed from the entity's FEIN to a number generated by SBS. If you do not know your new license number, you can find it using the following link:

Illinois Resident Individuals: Your IL license number has been changed to your National Producer Number (NPN). If you do not know your NPN, you can find it using the National Producer Number (NPN) Access application ( This link is also located on the bottom, left-hand corner of the NIPR home page ( Please remove any leading zeros from the NPN.

Kentucky: If licensee pays license renewal prior to appointment, fees will not be refundable.

Maryland Residents:When entering license number on NIPR applications, please do not include the prefix/Alpha characters (example RPI)or the leading zeros. Here is example 9998989 of what it should look like.

Michigan: Michigan license numbers for individuals will be the same as the National Producer Numbers (NPNs), which can be found by visiting

Business Entity License Numbers will be the Michigan state-specific System ID number. To look up the Michigan state-specific System ID, use the Insurance Agency Locator found at:,5269,7-303-13251_13262---,00.html

Michigan: Adjuster, Solicitor, and Counselor applicants may no longer renew through the NIPR website. These applicants should visit the state’s website for information. Michigan Surplus Lines applicants may continue to renew through NIPR.

Nebraska Applicants: Nebraska no longer mails licenses to Insurance Producers. Licensees can print their own licenses via Nebraska license numbers for individuals will be the same as the National Producer Numbers (NPNs), which can be found by visiting

New Jersey Applicants: New Jersey no longer mails licenses to Insurance Producers and Public Adjusters. Licensees can print their own licenses via

  • To be assured all information has been received and loaded onto our licensing system, please wait 24 hours after a transaction is approved by the Department to print the license.

North Carolina Non-resident Business Entities: For the North Carolina non-resident business entities renewals – the business entity license number is the business entity license number in their resident state.

North Carolina Resident Producers: North Carolina uses your national producer number (NPN)as your license number. You may be required to provide your NPN to perform electronic processes through NIPR based on this transition and other states' business rules. If you do not know your NPN, you may access this information at the following link:

North Carolina Renewals: If you are applying to renew a NC resident license for an individual, the license number and NPN are identical (do not use leading zeros on the license number). If you are applying to renew a license for a business entity, use the Federal ID (FEIN) number without the dash.

North Dakota Business Entities: The North Dakota Insurance Department has updated all business entity license numbers. The license number is no longer the same as the FEIN. To find out what the new license number is, please go to the licensee lookup located at

Ohio Applicants: To obtain a printed copy of your license, after your application is processed, please visit the Department’s website at and click on the “Print My License” button. There is no charge to print your license.

South Carolina Applicants: All agency late renewals must be completed by paper application. The late renewal application is located on the South Carolina DOI website

South Carolina producer renewal is by Birth Month. Please do not try to renew/reinstate your SC producer license by completing a new application if your license is inactive for reason Lapse, Denied, Revoked or Suspended. You will need to reinstate your producer license on the South Carolina Department of Insurance's website at If you have any questions, please contact the SCDOI at 803-737-6095.

Washington applicants: After your license has been issued but PRIOR to representing a business entity (BE), you must be affiliated. If you enter affiliation data on this application, WA will not use the data. Affiliations must be completed by the BE on the WA website (

ALL - The pre-populated addresses shown on this application are from the home state. Per specific state requests, these addresses may not be forwarded in this renewal request. To correct your address and to ensure your license will be sent to the correct address, please click here to utilize our Address Change Request (ACR) application. If you cannot submit the change electronically through ACR, you must contact the home state directly with any address change. Some states provide directions or links to their website that will enable an address change request. If a state has provided that information to NIPR you will find it in the State Specific Rules.

ALL - If an application has already been submitted for this renewal period, please do not apply again.

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To successfully participate in Non-Resident License Renewals you must:

  • Hold an Active Resident License in one of the Home States participating in the National Insurance Producer Registry's Producer Database (PDB). Required for sign-on.
  • Non-Resident State must currently participate in this electronic product.
  • Provide your Social Security Number. (This is a required data field when completing the individual Renewal Applications.)
  • Use one of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Please Click Here for recommended Browsers and Operating Systems requirements:
  • All fees are non-refundable.
Click here to successfully participate in the Non-Resident License Renewal process: image