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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are there no documents displaying?

1. You have not submitted any electronic documents to the Attachment Warehouse.
2. After five (5) years from the submitting date the documents are no longer retained in the Attachments Warehouse.

Why can I not submit an electronic document to the Attachment Warehouse?

1. You must have an electronic license or renewal transaction in the NIPR Gateway
2. The transaction must not be closed by the State. Status should be "pending."

Why are there documents under my identification in the Attachments Warehouse; however, I have not submitted any?

NIPR allows your authorized submitters to also submit documents into the Attachments Warehouse on your behalf.
However, if the documents are definitely not yours, please contact at or .

What are the fees? What will I be charged for using the Attachments Warehouse application?

You will be charged $5.00 each time you enter the Attachments Warehouse and attach any documents. However, you can view your entries and attachments for free. After you exit the application or the application times you out (approximately 20 minutes after no entry) and you have to sign-in again, you will be charged again for any additional attachments that you add.


What electronic formats are accepted by the Attachments Warehouse?

Currently only the following electronic file formats are accepted:




Microsoft Word

Proprietary file format used by Microsoft software.
Open with Windows: Microsoft Word or Word Viewer
Google Docs (word processing) can be saved as *.doc
Macintosh/Apple Pages (word processing) can be saved as *.doc



Standard file format supported by many programs.
Open with any picture viewer or Web browser





Standard file format supported by many programs
Open with any picture viewer (Microsoft Photo Editor); any Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox)
Commonly used storing photos taken with a digital camera.



Standard file format supported by many programs (developed by Adobe).
Open with Adobe Reader to view (free); Adobe Acrobat to edit (commercial)


I dont have one of the credit cards listed (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

Unfortunately, these are the only credit cards being accepted at this time.


The system will not accept my credit card.

The credit card authorization verifies demographic information provided. You will be given thee opportunities to submit your credit card information. If, upon the third try, the information is not validated, you will return to the Home page.

Help screens that are the same in both producer/industry and regulator/State screens:

       Participating States

       State Specific Requirements

       Contact Us